Operation Desert Storm

Media : DVD
Duration : 70
ISBN : 1-932544-08-9
UPC BAR CODE : 881687003597

Description :

- Exclusive Gulf War footage!

- Extreme live audio! 

- Military aircraft in action!

- Opening narration & facts

Go where few have been before... on board the super carrier USS John F. Kennedy during the first wave of attacks during the Gulf War. Our cameras were the ONLY ones there! You'll feel like you’re on board as you watch this live action production with spectacular takeoffs and landings, both day and night.  Witness the intensity…and the afterburners! A must see for military aviation fans!

INCLUDES: Aircraft Facts, F-14 Tomcats, F-18 Hornets, EA-6 Prowlers, Harriers, Corsair IIs, S-3 Vikings and many more!!!


Duration: 70 Minutes

ISBN 1-932544-08-9

UPC BAR CODE 881687000992