02 September 2012
A light utility plane that had been missing for two days was found lying in a mountainous area in Eastern Taiwan yesterday, but it remains unknown whether any of its three crew members survived the crash, aviation officials said.

According to officials from the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA), the Dapeng Airlines BN-2 aircraft was spotted from the air at 9:55 a.m. at a location about 30 kilometers west of Yuli, Hualien County.

Officials at the Civil Aeronautics Administration pointed out that the plane was found outside the search and rescue area.

Local media yesterday quoted rescuers as saying that the discovery site is over 10 kilometers away from the area they were sent to in the first rescue mission by the National Search and Rescue Command Center (NSRCC). Local cable news TVBS suggested that the crew members had a good chance of surviving the crash as the plane was found largely intact, but that the failure of the authorities to spot the crash site correctly wasted the “golden 72 hours” for rescue.

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