02 August 2012
A German Luftwaffe fighter pilot who participated in the recent Red Flag war games in Alaska is claiming that the Eurofighter Typhoon was able to get the better of the U.S. Air Force's vaunted and super-expensive F-22 Raptor fighter in simulated close-range combat. "We had a Raptor salad for lunch," one German pilot allegedly said. We'll probably have to take his word for it, because the Air Force isn't talking and the problem-plagued F-22 has never seen real-life combat. Wired magazine reports:

 The results were a surprise to the Germans and presumably the Americans, too. "We were evenly matched," Maj. Marc Gruene told Combat Aircraft's Jamie Hunter. The key, Gruene said, is to get as close as possible to the F-22 ... and stay there. "They didn't expect us to turn so aggressively."

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