14 April 2015
Airbus and Recaro Aircraft Seating plan to offer for the first time a “supplier-furnished-equipment” (SFE) Economy Class seat option for A320 Family operators. The proposed new seat, named “3530Swift”, is based on Recaro’s “BL3530” already developed for the A320 Family. 

Showcased at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, the 3530Swift is planned to become available later this year, both in line-fit and retrofit. Up to now, all economy-class seats for the A320 Family are supplied as “buyer-furnished-equipment” (BFE). Being SFE, rather than BFE, the new seat would be available in predefined, pre-qualified and pre-certified Airbus layouts and catalogue configurations which would save considerable time normally required for individual product approval. The new SFE option would sit alongside the existing Airbus BFE product offering and the A320 Family’s BFE catalogue will continue to be updated.

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